The essential instrument for beauty salons – hydrogen oxygen activation small bubble

In various beauty stores, there is an instrument that is deeply recognized by consumers and has become the first choice for skin care maintenance. It is the beauty shield hydrogen oxygen activation small bubble, an intelligent AI super oxygen nano atomization technology originated from Korea.

01 What is hydrogen and oxygen small bubbles?
Hydrogen oxygen water is an alkaline water that improves acne-prone skin with acidic skin pH and oily skin.
It penetrates into the body's cells, efficiently removes excess aging factors from the body and reduces the damage caused by reactive oxygen species, while also hydrating the body.   
Residual makeup on the surface of the skin can interfere with the skin's ability to breathe freely, and clogging pores over time may lead to the formation of acne or other more serious skin problems. Therefore, a gentle and effective cleansing + skin beautifying approach is necessary. A multifunctional instrument can meet more requirements for skin management than a single cleansing and a single functional treatment.


02 What are the differences between small hydroxide bubbles and basic small bubbles?
1. The traditional small bubbles mainly focus on the cleaning function, while the introduction of hydrogen oxygen small bubbles is another updated trend of the basic instrument this year.
2. Hydrogen oxygen small bubble adds the function of hydroelectric wave, that is, the customer can feel the micro-current when doing small bubble, this function is to stimulate the pores to open and clean the skin more thoroughly through the negative pressure function.
3. Increase the hydrogen oxygen function, the ion lifting head is different from RAFA, with negative current, there is a slight numb feeling, stimulate sweat hair stretching, improve the dark circles around the eyes blockage, facial accumulation of yellowing and dullness, etc. has a very good effect.

03 Hydrogen oxygen small bubble effect
1/ Hydro-oxygen cleaning technology: by the negative ion generator, from the water decomposition of hydrogen oxygen ion water, easily absorbed by the body, play an antioxidant effect.
2/ Polymer atomization technology: by combining nutrients, in the form of fine molecular atomization of the skin to supplement nutrition;
3/ High-frequency vibration wave: the use of high-frequency vibration wave, softening keratin, help clean skin impurities;
4/ Dipole radio frequency technology: reduce fine lines, tightening and rejuvenation, safe, effective and comfortable;
5/Ice hammer technology: shrinkage and tightening, help improve redness and swelling.

04 Adapted to the crowd
1、Suitable for any group of people
2、Long-term makeup and serious air pollution areas
3、Dull skin, clogged pores, thick stratum corneum and other problems

05 Precautions
1. Thin skin stratum corneum or cheekbone redness is serious, the use of water abrasive pen, RF and shovel skin is prohibited.
2. Thin skin stratum corneum, the operation of RF video cheekbone area with over, the time should not be too long.
3. People with severe allergies, severe acne can not operate.

Post time: Sep-23-2022